Equine Mortality Insurance

Unfortunate occurrences are a fact of life, especially in the equine industry.  Whether you trail ride around your farm or are on the road to the Triple Crown, our policies protect you from damages and loss resulting from a wide range of circumstances, including injury, illness, theft and even death.

Equine Mortality and Theft

This all perils life insurance policy provides comprehensive protection from any loss suffered due the theft, illness, disease, accident, injury or humane destruction of your horse.

Major Medical

If your horse becomes ill, injured or diseased, a major medical plan will cover a portion of diagnostic testing, surgical services, medical treatment and aftercare.  We offer a number of plans featuring various options and reasonable deductibles.

Colic and Surgical Endorsements

All of our Mortality policies include a limited free colic surgery endorsement. Additional plans are available to expand this coverage.

Stallion Coverages

These plans include mortality coverage and additional protection from accidents, sickness and disease.  First year stallions can be insured for congenital infertility, which guarantee payouts if mares do not get in foal.

Pro Foal Insurance

Pro Foal insurance guarantees a broodmare conceives a live foal.  This protects you when broodmares are purchased from horse sales where live foal warranty is lost.  Rates vary and are determined by the broodmares production history.  This comprehensive plan includes coverage through mare foaling and extended options for seven days, one month or one year on the foal after birth.

Loss of Use

Certain breeds are eligible for coverage protecting you from accidental or degenerative issues due to injury, illness and disease which render a horse permanently unfit but does not require humane destruction.

Specified Perils

This policy covers the death of a horse due to specific perils stated in the policy (i.e. fire, lightening, transportation, collapse of bridges, earthquakes, floods, storms, hail, etc.). Specified Perils polices are affordable and ideal for large herd turned out to pasture.

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